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What to Look for in a CNC Machining Partner

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Posted on: May 14th, 2019

CNC Machining Certifications

When you’re looking for a CNC Machining partner, there are a number of things you should consider. From the breadth of services offered to the customer service and standards the business holds itself to, and beyond. Each factor should be thoroughly considered before a final decision is made. One of the most important considerations you must weigh is competency. To get a better idea of what to look for, let’s take a closer look.

Why Certifications Matter

Most machining companies may have some level of certification. It’s necessary in order to become a sub-contractor. As a CNC machining company, certain certifications are baseline requirements while others are greater indicators of the lengths to which a company is willing to go to ensure your final product meets, or exceeds, the required and desired specifications and quality standards.

Not sure which certifications you should keep an eye out for when weighing your options? We’ve got you covered.

Certifications You Should Look For

There are a number of certifications available, but here are a few key ones that you’ll want in a machining partner in order to feel good about working with a legitimate, trustworthy team that’s not just committed to the baseline, but committed to going above and beyond, as well.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO standard is a biggie. It’s based on a number of quality management principles including strong customer focus, motivations and implications of top management, the process approach, and a focus on continual improvement among other strict quality-related guidelines. CNC machining companies with this certification are forward-thinkers who you can trust to be at the top of their customer service game.


ITAR certification is a regulatory regime in the United States that restricts and controls the export of defense and military related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security and further U.S. foreign policy objectives. Being certified in ITAR is a big deal in the United States, especially in the CNC machining industry in the sectors where SpecMaster excels. This certification indicates that a company can meet the strict standards of the U.S. government in important areas, keeping your projects aligned and above board in all aspects.


This certification is a baseline, necessary one. Without it, the company you’re looking at doing business with runs a much higher risk of not adhering to standards and procedures that your project needs to meet in order to be successful.


DIR is all about developing and supporting supplier diversity programs. This process means that the company you’re considering is committed to supplier diversity through verified and validated data, data management, and other managed services. Like the ISO certification, this can indicate a commitment to continual improvement and internal self-checks that keep a CNC machining company on it’s A-game at all times.


The JCP exists to allow United States and Canadian contractors to apply for access to Department of Defense/Department of National Defence (DOD/DND) unclassified export controlled technical data/critical technology on an equally favorable basis in accordance with necessary bylaws and regulations. In short, a company with this program has as much access as legally possibly to the latest technology and critical technical data available to the DOD. In short, this certification allows your CNC machining partner to keep your projects up to date and in line with that level of technology.

Quality Standards Are Important

When it comes down to it, the power behind certifications isn’t really about the fancy seal or certificate, it’s about what those certifications and programs represent. In order to become certified in any program or system, a CNC machining company must adhere to strict quality standards and meet the requirements of each and every one of the certifications and programs. Quality standards are unbelievably important when it comes to your project and manufacturing needs because without them, the trust in your final product may not exist. Next time you’re looking for a CNC Machining company to help execute your project from prototype to production, make sure they have the certifications and standards necessary to do the job right, with complete integrity, and a deep commitment to the industry, your vision, and the quality standards that will move you to the next level.

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