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Aerospace and Aviation

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Aerospace and Aviation Industry:

SpecMaster, Inc. provides machined components and assemblies for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries. As a result of our advanced and unique machining approach, SpecMaster is NASA flight-approved. We have provided a wide range of machining services and assemblies for the following NASA Satellite Programs:

Ground Communications Antenna machined by SpecMaster, Inc.

Our unique processes utilize the latest CNC programming techniques to increase material removal rates.  This allows us to increase part production, and reduce run times, while keeping quality our top priority.

We are determined to offer the best product possible and we value our close working relationships. Our connection does not end when we ship your project.We will follow-up to insure your project was successful and assist with any future requirements.

Give us a call at (303) 227-3400 or request a quote online and see how we help with your aerospace or aviation projects.

S-Band Antenna assembled