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Machining of 6061 Aluminum Baseplate

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Posted on: February 22nd, 2018

Case Study: Machining of 6061 Aluminum Baseplate

 We start the machining process by cutting the stock aluminum to size and setting it up in one of our CNC vertical mills. It all begins with maintaining a close relationship to our vendors and sourcing only the highest quality materials.Aluminum Material Blank loaded in CNC Machine

Next we mill the aluminum on one side to make sure we have an absolute flat surface.

Aluminum Blank CNC Milled flat on first operation

Then we begin to machine the features of the part.  In this case, two slide pockets are inside of the part.  We machine the outer surface as well as setting up pilot holes to be finished later in the process.

CNC Machine Running aluminum CNC Machined Aluminum with Pockets formed





On this particular project we are running two identical parts.  We like to stop after the first process on the first part to check that our programming, tooling, and dimensions are correct.  Once this is confirmed we run the second part of this first operation.

CNC Machined Aluminum First Operation Complete

We then flip the aluminum over to begin the second set-up of our machining process.

Aluminum Flipped to start second machining operation

The next steps are to mill the second side down to size, and to complete the pocket, drill, and tap cycles.

CNC Mill running second operation on aluminum base plate Aluminum Base Plate Taking Shape, Pokets CNC Milled





Once again we stop here to confirm that our machine is running as expected and we are hitting the specified dimensions utilized on in the programming phase.  We then run the second part.

Aluminum Base Plate Second Machining Operation Complete

We then remove the parts from the excess aluminum and begin deburring.

CNC Machined Aluminum Base Plate after First Inspection

Our third and final operation is to drill and tap holes along the sides of the baseplate.

CNC Machining Aluminum Base Plate Drilling and Tapping Holes

After inspection, the parts are sent to one of our trusted vendors to have the parts black anodized.

CNC Machined Aluminum Base Plate, Hard Black Anodized CNC Machined Aluminum Base Plate, Black Anodized, Complete




After final inspection the parts are ready for shipment to the customer.  These aluminum base plates are now complete.  See below for some video of the project.

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