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Posted on: July 29th, 2019

Independence Day has come and gone, but at SpecMaster we believe in being proud of our roots every day of the year. We’re proud to be an American owned and operated, CNC machining company dedicated to making our products in the USA. From our company’s humble, yet solid foundations we have been able to build our own American Dream, and pass the fruits of that labor onto our partners in the US and across the world. So what does being Made in the USA mean to us?

Quality Products

We have always had a strong commitment to quality. Even without the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, we would continue innovating in the name of higher quality. There is no denying that the rigorous quality standards in the US help elevate every aspect of our work.  Thanks to quality standards, you can trust every step of our process is supported with quality materials and quality machining, enhancing the overall quality of your project and ensuring you’re getting the best – down to the smallest part.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

It’s not enough to provide quality products if the craftmanship, strategy, and planning behind it isn’t carefully thought through and considered. Our commitment to craftmanship is something we take very seriously and infuse into everything we do. Our trusted US vendors provide the best products, which our expert machinists then take and, utilizing the latest CNC programming software with proprietary machining processes, create the best products to fulfill your specific needs.

Relationships Founded on Trust

Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when the parts are shipped and your order has been fulfilled. We’re committed to the success of your project beyond our role. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients, and we believe in the power that trusted relationships bring on both sides of the equation.

Driven By Values

At the end of the day, our values drive us. They are the heartbeat of our organization and the foundation from which we’ve grown and served our clients for over 50 years of machining excellence. We hire the best, work with the best, and settle for nothing less than the best, from materials to the final product. We believe in taking our experience and vast knowledge of machining strategies and materials to produce even the most demanding and intricate products. We go the extra mile because we know greater success lies there.

When you work with SpecMaster, you’re working with a USA-owned and operated company that never compromises on quality and is equipped and excited to tackle even your most complex machining needs. Ready to take your project’s success the extra mile with us? Let’s review your specifications today.