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New Medical Industry Client Presents Extreme Challenge!

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Posted on: May 13th, 2013

We are pleased to announce an exciting project recently completed at SpecMaster for a southeastern U.S. medical company with very complex and rigorous technical specifications. The end product we created for this client is made up of small medical components. We were able to satisfy their challenging requirements which were extremely tight tolerances and unusually soft aluminum for their medical parts.

The aluminum we used was considered “pure” — approximately 99% pure aluminum. The consistency of the aluminum was extremely gummy. The guys here on our crew call it “bubble gum aluminum.”

The part tolerance for this particular project demanded +/-.0005, which is seven times thinner than a human hair. To put it into perspective, our normal working tolerances are .005 or 1-½ times the thickness of a strand of human hair.  If our parts exceed the tolerance, whether it is +/- .005 or .0005 we scrap it!

Dealing with the gummy aluminum combined with unusually tight tolerances, made machining this part extremely challenging. We feel confident this company came to us because no other machine shop would touch this difficult project. We excel at solving these kinds of difficult challenges.

Most machine shops want to do large quantities of straight-forward parts in an assembly-line mode. We have a can-do attitude, years of experience, and an innovative approach to do the unusual. We always go beyond the norm. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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