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Machining of Aluminum:

SpecMaster, Inc. machines an extensive amount of aluminum alloys and we have been doing so for 50 years!  With our years of experience and vast knowledge-base, we can manage your specific and unique aluminum applications.

Here at SpecMaster, we have a wealth of experience machining the most commonly used alloys into various components.

CNC Machined Aluminum Heat Sink

Commonly Machined Alloys:

CNC Machined Aluminum Housing

SpecMaster has experience machining various aluminum alloys not mentioned above.  We offer a full range of 3 and 4 axis CNC machining on a multitude of alloys and tempers.  Our comprehensive proficiency in machining complex 3D geometry and thin wall features allow us to achieve most specifications your project may require.

We utilize the latest CNC programming techniques to increase material removal rates.  This allows us to increase part production and reduce run times, all while keeping quality our top priority.

Request a quote online or give us a call at (303) 227-3400 to discuss your aluminum project today!