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Bronze & Brass

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Machining of Bronze and Brass:

If your next project requires Bronze or Brass, SpecMaster’s unique and innovative machining techniques can reduce your cost and increase overall quality.

Brass and bronze both have high resistance to corrosion and wear, making them an ideal material for applications that will need to function in harsh environments for an extended period of time. We have machined various components from these alloys — from art-work applications and marine applications to internal mechanisms for dental devices.

We have found that while these seemingly simple materials are easy to machine, close attention to detail allows us to increase part production and reduce lead times while maintaining exceptional quality.

CNC Machined Brass Bushing

SpecMaster sources only the highest quality raw materials from our trusted U.S. vendor base. All material is certified with a mill test report.

If your project requires exceptional standards, quality materials, and a responsive delivery time, SpecMaster is the machining choice for your next product run.

We always go above and beyond what is required. In other words, going the extra mile is something that is part of our daily routine.

Our relationship doesn’t end when we ship your product. SpecMaster will follow up with you to confirm your project’s success and to discuss your future requirements. We want to make your next run even better!

Give us a call at (303) 227-3400 or request a quote online and see how we can help with your bronze or brass project.