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Nickel-based Alloy

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Machining of Nickel-Based Alloys:

SpecMaster, Inc. is a leader in machining Nickel-Based Alloys like Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Invar, and we have 50 years of experience producing critical components for various industries from these specialized alloys.

Utilizing our unique and pioneering machining strategies, combined with our years of experience in sourcing materials, we can make recommendations to assist you with developing your most complex project.

Every customer receives the benefit of our extensive testing of the newest nickel-based alloys. If there is a better alternative material for your project, we will recommend all possible raw material options.

If your project requires intricate and demanding standards, quality nickel-based metals, and responsive delivery times, SpecMaster is the machining choice. We always go beyond the norm, and our “can do” attitude, along with our unique and innovative approach, is what sets us apart from other competitors.

Our relationship doesn’t end when we ship your parts. SpecMaster will follow up with you to confirm your project’s success and assist with your future requirements. We want to make your next run even better.

Contact us at (303) 227-3400 or request a quote online today to discuss how we can make your next nickel-based alloy project a success.

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