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Tool Steel

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Machining of Tool Steel:

Tool steel generally refers to a variety of carbon alloy steels that are particularly well suited for tools and tooling components.  Here at SpecMaster we have the experience and know-how to help with your tool steel requirements.

Tool steel is able to retain its shape at increased temperatures, has resistance to abrasion, and is a very hard material.  The material is also typically heat treated after machining, which provides increased hardness.  Several grades have additional resistance to corrosion due to added chemical properties.

Grades of Tool Steel:

With such various grades and applications, tool steel is a commonly machined material.  SpecMaster has the experience and vast knowledge-base of machining strategies to help with your projects requirements.  We offer a full range of 3 and 4 axis  CNC machining on a wide-array of components.

Every project receives the benefit of our extensive testing, and years of experience working with varying materials.  It there is a higher quality material for your application, we will discuss alternatives to take full advantage of machine times and minimize cost.

Our relationship doesn’t end when we ship your project.  SpecMaster is committed to following up to confirm that your project was a success as well as to assist with any future requirements.  We want to make your next run even better.

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