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Smart Tips for the CNC Prototyping Process

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Posted on: January 28th, 2013

SpecMaster works with a number of customers to develop product prototypes for new designs. Here are a few insights from that have come from our extensive experience in creating prototypes in our CNC machine shop:

Look for good substitute materials during the process. If your final design called for your part to be made out of titanium or another expensive material, we will work with you to prototype in more cost-effective material to reduce expenses. This allows room in your budget for the option to create additional versions. It will also speed up the process to get to your final design, as the higher-end materials often take special tools and more time to cut.

Review the 3 Fs (Fit, Function and Form). Working in a less expensive material allows SpecMaster’s expert machine technicians to verify the new component correctly fits into the sample. Next, we review the function of the design to look for pieces that can be simplified to streamline the project. The best projects are the simplest projects. This step reduces the setup and operation time needed to machine the final product. Finally, we review the overall design and make sure everything fits together as finished product.

Stop by and chat. We love collaborating and discussing your project in the shop. Give us a call and come on down to discuss what you’ve got in mind. Our entire crew is here during business hours and is happy to see how we can make your next project a success

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